Are the costs and risks of a migration controllable?
"Clearcut decisions and the commitment by all stakeholders from the outset of a project are indispensible requirements for the success of a migration." Peter Heidel, Managing director
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When insurance companies are merged, one of the goals is to take advantage of synergies in the IT and back office sectors. The migration of policy portfolios is an inevitable consequence. In order to achieve the desired reduction in costs, consolidations are needed in several areas:

Experience has proven the effectiveness of parallelizing the courses of action for the strategic realignment of the organization, the data migration itself, and the development of the target systems. The required changes in organizational structures, workflows, and systems have an impact on a large number of the companies‘ employees and management who must be informed in time. A comprehensive and ongoing project marketing program is an essential factor in order to ensure a positive reception for the necessray changes and should be given appropriate priority within the overall project. We have long years of experience in the management and implementation of migration projects for the life and P&C businesses. Our structured approach, established checklists, and planning templates have proven successful time and again in substantially reducing the risk of a migration project while improving the quality of the migration for all involved.