What sets the employees of in-pact apart from other consulting firms?
"We are a team of professionals with an average age of over 40 and many years of employment and project work in insurance. Our employees have profound practical and management experience in almost all areas of the insurance business." Michael Kremsner, Partner
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Zdenek Bucko

Zdenek Bucko / Consultant

Zdenek studied Mathematical Faculty of University in Prague and University van Amsterdam from 2002 till 2009. He worked for a major Insurance Company from 2005 in Czech Republic and from 2007 in the Netherlands. He participated not only on day-to-day reporting and quarterly reporting, but also on business valuation, risk valuation and product pricing projects and several technical solution projects including marketing and sales applications. From 2012 he works for in-pact and was involved in various projects in the Central and Eastern Europe. His main areas are pricing solutions (market arbitrage pricing, market monitoring, mathematical modeling) and actuarial problems both on day-to-day and mathematical modeling bases.

zdenek.bucko (at) in-pact.com